SoftPro has digital solutions and integrations that allow you to handle each step in the closing process electronically.

SoftPro has all of the tools our customers need to complete digital transactions and eClosings. We partner with leading industry vendors who offer eClosing solutions within our SoftPro software and make them easily available in our SoftPro 360 vendor portal.  We also offer our own proprietary products, such as SoftPro LIVE and SoftPro Sign, to assist you through a digital closing. Order all of your closing, title and escrow services for your eClosing without ever having to leave SoftPro!




We put together a free e-book to help you better understand all of SoftPro's digital solutions. In this e-book, you'll learn:

  • How SoftPro helps streamline eClosings and digital transactions
  • Details on the solutions we offer for each step of an eClosing
  • Tools that allow you to communicate with all of your eClosing partners
  • How to get started with our digital solutions
  • And more!

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Our Digital Solutions

Below is a quick glance at all of the digital solutions and integrations SoftPro offers throughout each step of the closing process. For descriptions and details on each of these solutions and how to get started using them, please reference our e-book above.

Order Origination
ClosingCorp • Mortgage Cadence • RealEC • SoftPro LIVE • SoftPro Sync • ZOCCAM
Start a title order electronically and securely collaborate with lenders and everyone involved in a real estate transaction, including with SoftPro LIVE, our customizable transaction management tool that allows you to communicate with all closing parties 24/7.

Search & Exam
agentTRAX • ClosingCorp • Mortgage Cadence • RealEC • SoftPro LIVE • SoftPro Patriot Search • SoftPro Sync • TitleWave • TNT
Connect with services to order and retrieve search products with SoftPro Sync and a host of other resources, as well as compare parties in your orders against federal records with SoftPro Patriot Search to ensure the validity of contacts.

Commitment Delivery
agentTRAX • ClosingCorp • Mortgage Cadence • RealEC • SoftPro LIVE • SoftPro Sync • TitleWave • TNT
Send title, escrow and closing service orders digitally.

agentTRAX • APG • BKFS Municipal Lien Search • Black Knight Property Tax (formerly NTN) • CertifID • CertSimple • CloseSimple • Digital Docs • Mortgage Cadence • Notarize • RealEC • PropLogix • Skyline Lien Search • SoftPro LIVE • SoftPro Sign •
Deliver pre-closing documents and stay connected with all parties involved in those documents. Send wiring instructions securely and timely.

Closing Insight • CloseSimple • CSC • ePN • MISMO Import • Mortgage Cadence • Notarize • Notary Loop • RealEC • Simplifile • SoftPro LIVE • SoftPro Sign • TNT
Deliver electronic closing documents and provide for documents to be signed and finalized with eSignatures and Remote Online Notarizations (RON.) Then transmit closing documents electronically to recording offices.

CloseSimple • Digital Docs • Mortgage Cadence • reQuire • SoftPro LIVE
Deliver the closing package and track lien releases.

agentTRAX • ClosingCorp • Mortgage Cadence • RealEC • SoftPro LIVE • TitleWave
Provide finalized policy documents.

agentTRAX • Digital Docs
Seamlessly upload the closing package, policy images, 1099 document and any other materials post-closing.


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